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Microsoft PowerPoint official training content
Cloud Collaboration
Staff Training
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On-demand course
Skill level: Basic
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Skill level: Advanced

Access to 100+ resources of free official Microsoft training content including:

  • Getting started6 free lessons to teach you how to design, share, collaborate and present using PowerPoint.
  • Collaborating9 free lessons to show you how to save and share, work together and track changes.
  • Designing23 free lessons with content covering templates, backgrounds and themes, headers and footers and watermarks.
  • Animations21 free lessons on animations and transitions; including the use of audio and video.
  • Pictures and charts18 free lessons to teach you how to add charts, pictures and tables to enhance your presentations.
  • Presenting10 free lessons to prepare your presentation and print it.
  • Slides and text14 free lessons to work with slides and text in your presentations.

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